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9 Days Till Christmas

Which also means that there’s one day till the office Christmas party, and a little less than two weeks until my chums come down from Missouri. Somewhere in the middle of all that, I’ve got a house to clean and food to make and presents to wrap (if they arrive in time … the anxiety is real). The goal for today is to begin that first stage of cleaning the house — on the whole it’s not really disorganized, just in need of a good vacuum and mopping, but as I have two dogs and the weather is wet and muddy, this is a little like running up the wrong side of the escalator. 

I figure if I can manage to at least do an initial scrub, I might just reward myself with an hour or two of Horizon: New Dawn. In the meantime, I decided I needed to get myself geared up for the attack by whipping up my favorite breakfast (and lunch, and snack, and heck maybe dinner too): avocado, egg and feta toast.

I’m sure I’ll get sick of it eventually, but for now, it’s on constant rotation in my house. I’ve never bought so many avocados in my life. 

I managed to get the first bunch of Christmas gifts done, so that’s a weight off my mind. The coworkers will be getting little jars of Christmas candy, and the family will be getting much-more-substantial jars of hot cocoa mix. I’ve made salted caramel, mint chocolate, and über-chocolate mixes for them, and sometime this week I need to give the mixes a test-run with the leftover materials to see whether or not they’re actually, you know, going to taste good. They turned out okay aesthetically, at least, I think:

Tomorrow I need to whip up some gluten- and dairy-free brownies for the office Christmas party on Tuesday. I’m sure 90% of the treats on Tuesday will less-than-friendly to the gluten-intolerant and lactose-intolerant coworkers, so I thought I’d make sure there was at least one sweet thing they could eat. And crossed fingers are in order: my Secret Santa gift is supposed to arrive tomorrow. I don’t usually cut things so close, but I  ordered the wrong ornament and had to over-night the correct one. (The coworker in question likes Deep Space Nine, but not TNG. A grave error was almost made, and might still be made if the new ornament doesn’t come tomorrow…) 

The good news is my winter breaks starts this Friday, and I’m kicking it off with a trip to Build-a-Bear with my nephews. We’re getting almost a week and a half off this year, which is going to be delightful, as I have a half-finished novel in need of some serious TLC. And it’ll be a good opportunity to carry over the rest of my blurbs from littleforestdruid! Can’t wait.

I’ll be posting an introductory post for the blurbs soon. Should have done that before starting to move it over, but oh well. Stay tuned!

Sara Naomi


There’s a chill in the air tonight, and the little valley they’ve camped in is offering precious little protection from the north wind. The fire is high, but the wind takes away its usefulness. Every blanket has been taken out and shared. A little ways from the fire, her broad, noble-faced horse lies curled, dog-like, on the ground. Finn rarely sleeps laid out on the ground anymore, not the way he would in their forest, sprawled wherever he liked. Their forest had been safe. Every animal had been their friend and family.

Beneath his wings, there is just visible a tousled head. His little limbs are wrapped all around Dae, the young snow leopard being fuzzy and warm and given to purring in his sleep. She only has Kell with her, his little squirrel nose poking free of one pocket, observing as she stokes the fire. She pets the place between his eyes with one finger.

From overhead a nighthawk cries, and she lifts her head to look for it, even though she knows she won’t be able to pick it out on this dark, moonless night. Her father had often become a nighthawk; he would fly the corners of their forest and watch over them. She never could hear the cry without thinking, just for a moment, that outsiders had entered the forest. It was a physical effort, sometimes, to remain seated in the camp.

I can become a nighthawk now too, father, she thinks, still gazing skyward. Or a doe, like mother. I have learned it without you.

Arric mumbles anxiously in his sleep, and Odene rises to go pet his hair, humming a Sylvan lullaby under her breath. If anyone were to look, they would see her smiling.

So what’s the deal here?

Well, I know it’s a surprise to precisely no one that there’s been a mass exodus from Tumblr. As you can probably see, my blog is currently a massive back-up of my Tumblr. To be precise, it’s a third of my Tumblr, and that’s something. My Tumblr was less productive blog and more a collection of anything and everything that pinged a thought: a giant compendium of things that inspired me. I’ve got the entire hulking beast of a Tumblr backed up in total, but in the process I lost the attributions and links, and it’s going to take time to track down who everything belongs to.

So, in the meantime, below is the back up of my Tumblr. Feel free to browse it and become inspired as you will. In the coming days, I’ll be moving my D&D blurb blog over as well (a collection of mini tales, fondly dubbed “blurbs”, about my D&D group’s characters) and after that, the plan is for this to be my functional blog. I’ll include more writing inspiration photos as I track down their owners and can provide correct citations.

I’m not sure whether I’ll remain active on Tumblr or not yet; the content creators I loved most have defected already, so my feed has becomes a long scroll of vitriol against Tumblr management. So if anyone has any good wordpress photography, art, or writing blogs, I’d love to hear some recommendations and get comfy over here while Tumblr continues to burn.

On that cheery note – welcome! 😉